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The Poet: Level 4

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Complete this last level to earn the Young Author: Poet badge and unlock the opportunity to shadow a writer or earn a scholarship to a writers' workshop.

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Badges you can earn for this challenge

Age: 14 - 19

In order to start this challenge you must first complete these required challenges

Complete the SINGLE Activity

Compile Your Poems

Now that you have a set of poems, it is time to begin creating your own poetry manuscript.

Complete the SINGLE Activity

Open Mic Night

Reading your work in a public space is important to your creative development.

Complete the SINGLE Activity

Review & Revise Your Poetry

​Now that you’ve taken notes on your poems, themes, and reader experiences, it is time to revise your poems.

Complete the SINGLE Activity

Get Ready to Publish Your Poetry

You're at the final stretch! Getting your manuscript ready for publication is your next step to authorship.

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