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CPS Connects: Musical Biography

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The "CPS Connects: Musical Biography" badge challenges participants to share an aspect of their life story through the medium of a song. Participants will be introduced to basic songwriting concepts. Skills developed may include: lyric writing, the crafting of melody and harmonies, song arrangement, and self-expression.

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Age: 5 - 18

Activity Directions


200 Level - You've had some practice

Challenge: The best musicians pull from their personal life experiences to create musical masterpieces. Share something about yourself and/or a significant life experience through the medium of a song. 


Don't know where to start? 

Refer to the songs that your favorite bands and/or artists write for additional inspiration.

Verses convey the song's story. Similar to a book or short story, they often provide the beginning, middle, and end.
The chorus features the main idea of the song.
The bridge usually ties the verses and chorus of the song together and helps the song to move to its end. 

Example Song Structure:

Verse 1
Verse 2
Verse 3
Chorus x2

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