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Programming with Karel the Dog CodeHS

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Get started learning how to program with CodeHS. This pathway is for complete beginners so if you are curious how to build things with computers, or want to make a game, or a website, this is the place to get started! 

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Badges you can earn for this challenge

Age: 10 - 18

Complete the SINGLE Activity

Getting Started With Coding

Interested in learning how to code? This is where it starts!

Complete the SINGLE Activity

Create Your CodeHS Account

Create your free account on CodeHS using our code.

Complete the SINGLE Activity

Writing your first programs with Karel

Learn to write code that will teach Karel the dog to walk and play with balls.

Complete TWO Activities


Teach Karel to fetch the ball.

Racing Karel

Racing Karel

Tower Builder

Karel starts at 1st street and 1st avenue. Your job is to build a tower (a stack of 3 tennis balls) on all of the odd avenues in the world

Super Cleanup Karel

Clean up Karel's World

Double Tennis Balls

Double the number of tennis balls in front of Karel

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