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"Create Your Path" and explore what you're passionate about! Then tell us WHY you're excited about it! Share your path for the chance to win an iPad Mini!

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Age: 3 - 21

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100 Level - No experience necessary


"Create Your Path" and explore what you're passionate about

First, check out the Top Picks on your profile to start uncovering your path. Maybe you're passionate about music production, photography, or dance -- or something totally new!

Then, tell us WHY you're excited about it! Record a video, take a photo, write a journal or upload anything of your choice that explains why you're excited about your passion. How did you get interested in your passion? Why is this your favorite thing to do? How do you want to keep up with your passion? 

Once you upload, you'll be entered to WIN an iPad Mini! Keep on creating - and sharing- your path alongside  your classmates, to give your school a chance to win prizes too!

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