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All-Access Pass: Share Your Story

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Museums have a lot of stuff in them, but they’re also about the people that create those things and the stories that things can inspire. Try your hand at creating some new things that reflect how you see the museums!

Complete this challenge at one of the following museums:

1. Adler Planetarium

2. Art Institute of Chicago

3. Chicago Botanic Garden

4. Intuit Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

5. National Veteran’s Art Museum

6. Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

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Badges you can earn for this challenge

Age: 5 - 24+

Complete the SINGLE Activity

Museum Remix

Add your own touch to a museum object!

Complete the SINGLE Activity

I Heard That!

How are other visitors experiencing the museum? Tune in to find out!

Complete the SINGLE Activity

Pop-Up Museum

Set up your own mini “exhibit”...right in the middle of a museum!

Complete the SINGLE Activity

My Muse-Grooves

Share a playlist of tracks that represents your journey through the museum.

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