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Show Your School Pride (K-8)

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Show us something about your school that makes it so awesome. Snap a photo of your school's mascot, your favorite classroom, favorite teacher, or something special about your school. 

Help your school stand out from all of the other CPS schools in the city by submitting a great video about what makes you proud of your school. 

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Age: 5 - 13

Activity Directions


100 Level - No experience necessary

Every school has something to show off. Show us what it is at your school!

CHALLENGE: Submit a video that shows and tells us what makes your school so awesome.

SUBMIT: A video (at least 90 seconds long) of what you're proud of - try to make sure that we can tell what school you're at. The best videos will be featured at local Best Buy stores.

USE the RESOURCES below to learn how to upload your video using a smartphone or computer and to get ideas.

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