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Logo Design

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Don’t just consume, produce the images that represent the people, products and places we love. Get the skills necessary to design and grab the consumers’ attention in these Logo Design activities. 

Want to understand a little more about the logo designing process? Watch this video!

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Badges you can earn for this challenge

Age: 10 - 24+

Complete the SINGLE Activity

Logo Critique

What are your favorite logos? Why do you love them so much? Learn what you like and dislike about logos in this activity.

Complete the SINGLE Activity

Logo: Color Application

Learn color application by redesigning a popular logo.

Complete ONE Activity

Restaurant Logo

Create a logo for a restaurant

Clothing Company Logo

Create a logo for a clothing company called “Prime”

Company Logo

Create a logo for the company "Windy City Training"

Complete the SINGLE Activity

Original Logo

Use all the graphic design skills you've acquired to create an original logo

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