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The Poet: Level 2

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Complete the 4 steps in Level 2 to earn the Young Author: Poet 2 badge and unlock the opportunity to publish your work in YAP Mag.

Take your writing to Level 3 to earn more badges and unlock new opportunities.

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Badges you can earn for this challenge


Activity Directions


100 Level - No experience necessary

The What: 

Avoid cliche and predictable language by stretching your imagination to describe your world in new, original ways.

The Challenge

1.  Read one of the poems under Resource Links.

2.  Choose one of the following concepts: (Love, Justice, Freedom, Sadness, Friendship)

3.  Write a list of 15 words/things you associate with that concept (i.e. Love: hugs, red, heart, etc.)

4.  Write a poem about this concept that does NOT use any of the words on your list.


Submit your list and poem as a blogpost. 

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