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Activity Directions


100 Level - No experience necessary

There are 3 STEPS for LOOKING OUT:

1. Find something in the museum that is related to a current issue (ex: global warming, veteran affairs, artistic voice). 

2. Find something in your community (e.g. neighborhood, school, church, etc.) that connects to that issue.

3. Make a video that tells us how well the museum addressed the issue.  Is it right on point?  Does it miss an important viewpoint?  Make sure you tell us which museum you were at.

BONUS- Share it on Facebook, Instagram, etc. using #AllAccessChi and #LookingOut

Look at an example below:

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Questions to help you get started

Questions to help you get started

Need some ideas on where to start? You might explore these questions at a museum:

    • Adler - How does the Adler represent space exploration with robots versus space exploration with actual people? How might this be a controversial topic?
    • Art Institute - How can museums address exhibiting contemporary art that could be controversial?
    • Intuit - How can museums represent the work of outsider artists, for example artists with disabilities or who are marginalized from society?
    • Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum & Chicago Botanic Garden - How are environmental issues presented? Think about lack of green space, climate change, access to healthy and local food, etc.
    • NVAM - How are veteran voices being shared through artwork in the museum? What issues are being explored in the artwork on display?

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