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Activity Directions


100 Level - No experience necessary

Document your experience at the museum through two different perspectives. Did something change over time? Are there two objects you would like to compare by size or by how the artists thought about them? Did you find examples of big ideas and specific ideas to compare?

Tell us how perspective was represented at the museum:

1. Pick two things to compare. These can be different sized or shaped objects, objects that are from different time periods, or an idea that has changed over time.

2. Take photos of your chosen objects, or your representations of the ideas if you can’t photograph the object.

3. Create a collage of your photos.

4. Prepare some text or a statement that explains how the two things you choose contrast or complement each other.

5. Upload your photo, including text that shares your experience with these objects or ideas. Make sure to include the museum that you visited!

Check out the example below:

Want to try this activity online? Try using two tools from the Chicago Botanic Garden as your two objects!

Need help figuring out how to make a collage? Check out these apps or sites:

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