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100 Level - No experience necessary

A lot of different people work together to make musuem exhibits. Artists and/or scientists create the content. Exhibit designers shape the look and feel. Curators are like movie directors and put everything together. These people all have a goal for how an exhibit will be viewed, but visitors may also interpret things in different ways. How are these perspectives the same or different?

1. Choose something in the museum that captures your interest: for example: an artwork, display or exhibition. What do you think the artist/exhibit designer’s intentions were? Take a picture and write down your thoughts.

2. Interview someone who works in the museum and ask them to tell you more about the object (volunteers and security officers count!)

3. Finally, observe a visitor in the same space you are in. What is this person doing? How does this person interact with the object or exhibit? Write down your observations.

4. Submit your reflections on the three perspectives you saw: 1) your own, 2) the museum worker, and 3) another guest.

5. Optional: Share a video reflection on social media with the hashtag #allaccesschi and tag the museum you visited.

Want to find out more about working in a museum? This blog post will tell you what it takes! 

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