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The Poet: Level 2

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Complete the 4 steps in Level 2 to earn the Young Author: Poet 2 badge and unlock the opportunity to publish your work in YAP Mag.

Take your writing to Level 3 to earn more badges and unlock new opportunities.

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Activity Directions


100 Level - No experience necessary

The What: 

Ekphrastic poems brings artwork to life through words, using storytelling and descriptive and figurative language.

The Challenge:

1.  Read one example of an Ekphrastic poem from the resources.

2.  Find a piece of art or check out a piece of artwork below.

3.  Think and respond: What do you feel from the art? What story is the artwork telling? How would you describe elements of the artwork?

4.  Write an Ekphrastic poem using description and imagery. Remember, the poem should bring the artwork to life through the voice of your words and descriptive and figurative language, not JUST describe what you see.


Submit an image of the artwork and your Ekphrastic poem as a photoblog. 

"Yesterday's Losers" by Hebru Brantley

"Advertisement #59" by Hebru Brantley

"Mix Master Mike" by Justin Bua

"Breaking Point" by Justin Bua

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