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In these three challenges, play SimCityEDU and be the mayor who solves your city’s pollution problem. Then, share your thoughts and finally, make a dent in pollution in your own world with simple steps to trim your garbage footprint. How low can you go? Earn a badge for each challenge you complete.

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100 Level - No experience necessary

Have you ever wanted to solve real problems in your city? Now you can with SimCityEDU Pollution ChallengeThe citizens of your city are counting on you to solve their pollution problems while growing the economy! Think you're up to the challenge? Give it a shot!

Play SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge ---> Earn a Master Planner badge

Directions to Play Game:

  1. Navigate to https://www.glasslabgames.org/games/SC
  2. Download and install SimCityEDU
  3. Return to https://www.glasslabgames.org/games/SC
  4. Click 'Register'
  5. Enter Class Code - 8Q1XS
  6. Enter your profile information 
  7. Once registration is complete, you'll be taken to you student dashboard. Click 'Play' on Mission I.
  8. Play through game (approximately 1-3 hours)
  9. Take a screenshot of the achievement screen at end of final mission (3 stars) and upload your screenshot 

*If you have any issues accessing the game, please email support@glasslabgames.org.

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