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Get an introduction into the world of mapping by learning the ins-and-outs of Google Earth images and mapping tools. Once you have become a master at creating maps on Google, apply this mapping knowledge to your very own neighborhood. Take some time to scope out the services, restaurants, parks, etc.. right in your backyard and then make a map of it.

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100 Level - No experience necessary

Close your eyes and envision your Chicago neighborhood redesigned. Check out your neighborhood, what would you change?

For this activity:

(1) Go through your neighborhood and count: schools (elementary, middle, and high school), libraries, police stations, fire stations, hospitals, and anything else you think is an important part of a neighborhood.

(2) After your count, answer these questions thoughtfully. *Make sure to include evidence and/or details from your neighborhood count activity in your responses: 

(a) How did you feel about the services available in your neighborhood? 

(b) What would you add to your neighborhood if you were in charge? 

(c) Why do you think those services are missing from your neighborhood?

Use these counts to create a "Best of" map, on Google Maps Engine

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