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Get an introduction into the world of mapping by learning the ins-and-outs of Google Earth images and mapping tools. Once you have become a master at creating maps on Google, apply this mapping knowledge to your very own neighborhood. Take some time to scope out the services, restaurants, parks, etc.. right in your backyard and then make a map of it.

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Activity Directions


100 Level - No experience necessary

Use Google Maps Engine to create your own Best of Your City map.

Activity is successfully completed by: 

(1) showing evidence of a Google Map with 3 mandatory locations showing; 

(2) 5 locations of your own choice showing your "Best of" recommendations; 

(3) some level of personalization (descriptive names, descriptions, unique colors or images for place markers, etc.); and 

(4) answering reflection questions about the experience: (a) What did you learn from this activity? (b) What is something that was especially fun or challenging as you worked on the project?

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