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Don’t just consume, produce the images that represent the people, products and places we love. Get the skills necessary to design and grab the consumers’ attention in these Logo Design activities. 

Want to understand a little more about the logo designing process? Watch this video!

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Activity Directions


300 Level - You really know your stuff

You’ve acquired an understanding of a variety of graphic design principles.  Now it’s time to apply them all in an original creative logo design.  Previously, you’ve been challenged to pull images from offline or use a previously created image to design a logo.  Now you’re challenge with developing the shapes and images of your logo using your creative and technical abilities.  

Steps To complete this challenge: 

1. Brainstorm: a creative logo for a company, brand, person, location, or any theme of your choosing. 

2. Design your logo with the following requirements:

a. 1 or more images

b. a variety of text styles

c. a variety of colors, including contrasting colors that help effectively communicate what or who your logo represents. 

Contrasting colors occur when two colors within a logo are different. For example, you can choose one color for your font and a “contrasting” or different color for the background.

*Use the resources to help you in the design process

3. Submit your original logo design.

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