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Don’t just consume, produce the images that represent the people, products and places we love. Get the skills necessary to design and grab the consumers’ attention in these Logo Design activities. 

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Activity Directions


200 Level - You've had some practice

Logos are all around us, and have the ability to evoke strong reactions and stay in our memories throughout our lifetimes.  

Imagine a new restaurant called “Crispy and Clean” is opening in your neighborhood.  “Crispy and Clean” is a restaurant that will be specializing in fresh and healthy ingredients.  Create a strong logo for this fresh and healthy restaurant.
Steps to Complete this Challenge:
1. Take a look at a few of these famous restaurant logos and think about a few things: 

How are complementary and contrasting colors used? 

Is there an image? How does it enhance and help audiences know the company brand? 

What text style is used, if any? 

2.  Select 2-3 black and white images of your choosing from off line, your original illustration or photos.  

3.  Pick 2 contrasting colors for your image.  Contrasting colors mean opposite colors that look good together, for instance black and white, yellow and blue.  

4.  Add the restaurant name in a text style and in colors that reflect a “fresh and healthy” menu.  You must also use an engaging and appropriate text style. 

***Text style is important in choosing the way you want to display the name.  When choosing an engaging text style you want to think about how big or small the font should be, should the style be fun and whimsical or formal and conservative.   Look at the examples of text style and color contrast within the resource section before you begin your design. 

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