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Don’t just consume, produce the images that represent the people, products and places we love. Get the skills necessary to design and grab the consumers’ attention in these Logo Design activities. 

Want to understand a little more about the logo designing process? Watch this video!

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Activity Directions


100 Level - No experience necessary

Use keywords to change the color of a provided logo. 

You may not realize it but you're bombarded with symbols or other small designs that help you identify products, uniforms, vehicles, etc.  Color is a very important element within almost every logo.  This is because the human brain is programmed to respond to every color in a different manner.  

Take a look at the chart below. Do you see any familiar logos in the chart?  How does the application of color match the emotion that goes along with the company? 

Steps To Complete This Challenge:

1. Choose one of the logos within the challenge resources or choose your favorite logo.

2.  Write down the first 5 words you think of when you look at your chosen logo.  

3.  Read over the 5 words you wrote and write down one color next to each of your words.  

(For example, if you are looking at a logo for a car company you might write the words fast, movement, seats, wheels, drive.  When you read the word “fast” you may think silver so you write down that color next to the word).  

4.  Use your chosen logo from the challenge resources and apply a new color based on your written keyword.  Color application simply means to add or change color.  

5.  Upload your graphic, as well as your keywords for this challenge. 

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