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The Poet: Level 2

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Complete the 4 steps in Level 2 to earn the Young Author: Poet 2 badge and unlock the opportunity to publish your work in YAP Mag.

Take your writing to Level 3 to earn more badges and unlock new opportunities.

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Activity Directions


100 Level - No experience necessary

The What: 

All writing does one very critical thing for human culture: tells stories. Narrative poems are poems that tell a story.

The Challenge: 

1. Read one of the example of Narrative Poems under Resources.

2. Journal for 5-10 minutes about an important memory or interesting moment. Jot down all of the details.

3. Write a Narrative Poem about that memory or moment using your voice and poetic language.


Submit your Narrative Poem as a blogpost.

**Already have a poem that tells a story? Just submit that!"**

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