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Get started learning how to program with CodeHS. This pathway is for complete beginners so if you are curious how to build things with computers, or want to make a game, or a website, this is the place to get started! 

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100 Level - No experience necessary

Now you're ready to get started coding! Take on the first module and write your first program.

Module one is programming with Karel. Karel is a dog that only knows how to move, turn left, and place tennis balls in his world. You can give Karel these commands to instruct him to do certain things. We use Karel to show you what it means to program, and allow you to focus on problem solving.

Your challenge is to complete all of the activities in the Karel module. There are a good amount of exercises in this module but don't worry they are not too hard and once you get the feel for it, you'll breeze right through them.

An exercise within a module is represented by a pencil icon.

Once you have done all of the exercises in the Karel module, submit the URL (the link in your web browser) so we can check out your work. You'll know you completed everything if all of the pencil icons are green.

You can get the public link to your program by clicking the help tab and then clicking "View Public Page"

Here's the link to get started: Programming with Karel

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