Chicago Codes: Code 60
About Chicago's Month of Code:

Computer science is part of our daily lives. When we make a phone call, use social media, and look a website, computer science is helping to make things work. Chicago Public Schools is committed to making sure that Chicago's youth understand how CODE makes things happen.

Celebrate MONTH of CODE by exploring computer science here on Chicago City of Learning, in your schools, and at organizations in your community. From December 3rd through January 6th, every coding-related action you take will help your school win Chromebooks that will keep the coding going throughout the school year!

Playlists of Coding Activities

  • Hour of Code Activities
  • CS FIrst Playlist CS First Playlist
  • Python Chatbot Tynker Puzzles
  • Python Chatbot Code 60+ Unplugged! Playlist
  • Que es HTML? HTML Playlist
  • Que es HTML? Month of Code Events

Coding Project

Coming Soon - Winter Break