Chicago Codes: Code 60
About Mayor Emanuel's Month of Code:

During the Month of Code, Mayor Emanuel encourages youth, and adults alike, to learn this language and use it to play, design, and create. Help Chicago log more than 25,000 hours of code by completing the Month of Code activities that are available in your Chicago City of Learning portfolio. As you complete online coding activities, you earn the Code 60+ badge, powered by Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Computer Science for All, and become eligible for prizes.

Why Coding?

Code is the must-know language of today and the future. Most of us experience products created with code in our lives every single day. So, it is important for young people to understand how the world, and the technology that they use so frequently, work. And because technology is a field that is ever-expanding and growing, the ability to code is a critical job skill for anyone in today's economy.

1-Hour Activities

  • Animate Your Name Animate Your Name
  • Create your own Google logo Create your own Google logo
  • Python Chatbot Python Chatbot
  • Hour of Code: Moana Hour of Code: Moana
  • Lightbot Lightbot
  • Karel the Robot Karel the Robot
  • High Seas Adventure High Seas Adventure
  • Emoticon Madness Emoticon Madness
  • Code News Code News
  • CodeCombat: Escape the Dungeon! CodeCombat: Escape the Dungeon!

Deeper Dives

Coming Soon - Winter Break
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