Digital Music Maker Badge
Digital Music Maker Badge

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By earning this badge the learner has demonstrated advance creativity and innovation skills by discovering how to arrange digital instruments to create a cohesive piece of music. The learner has also demonstrated skill development in digital media by Learning how to use digital music software to create multiply original pieces of music.

Badge Type: skill

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    The Architect Badge represents the application of geometric principles to plan, design and construct structures to achieve a score of 65% or higher on the Geometry and Measurement Assessment.

  • Digital Music Maker Badge

    Have you wondered how your favorite piece of music is created or what digital tools were used to produce that piece of music? By pursuing this badge, you will discover the basics of digital music creation and editing.

  • Professor

    To become a professor you must teach a STEM lesson to another kid. Remember, you must practice first and teaching it to your brother, sister, or cousin doesn't count. So, 1) Practice teaching it to another kid 2)Teach it for real to a kids 3)Teach it again for real 4)Present evidence BADGE EARNED!

  • Summer Kickoff

    At Chicago City of Learning’s Summer Kickoff Rally and Maker Party on June 26, youth have the opportunity to explore robotics, computer science, multimedia, yoga, architecture, design, history, aquaponics and more. Attendees will hear from Mayor Emanuel, as well as various inspirational professionals who remind them that through CCOL they can discover their futures and become whatever they want to be.

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