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The Making Decisions Badge demonstrates the ability of reading and evaluating articles to select the best summary for each and writing an explanation for that decision.


Classroom Inc.

Badge Type: skill

Expected Duration: 4 days


  1. Read and analyzed text to choose the correct summary option for two out of three articles and write a clear correct reason as to why these choices were made.

Earn by participating in:


Made a Decision! Read and evaluated articles to 'Choose a Summary' for each in WUM Episode 2.

CPS Summer Acceleration

Made a Decision! Read and evaluated articles to 'Choose a Summary' for each in WUM Episode 2.

Sorry. This activity is no longer available.

  • Civic Communicator

    Ability to communicate effectively is crucial to being able to bring about change on issue one cares about. At start of summer, young person is introduced to badge system and meets with program facilitator to select the badge achievement goals they wish to work towards during the summer. The young person is expected to collect evidence throughout the summer. The young person also meet with the program facilitator throughout the summer to discuss their progress towards achieving their personal goals. At the end of the summer, the young person must make a case to both the program facilitator and their peers for why they deserve the badge based on the evidence they have collected. Ultimately, the program facilitator determines if the criteria has been met based on the youth’s presentation and support from peers.

  • DIY Citizen

    Completed 3 DIY Citizen activities.

  • Story Week Festival of Writers

    You can earn this showcase badge after participating in an 8-week workshop with Hypertext Studio and Columbia College instructor, Chris Rice. During this workshop, you will write, rewrite and practice a body of writing to perform during Story Week Festival of Writers for a public audience.

  • Young Reader

    The Young Reader badge shows that a student can link the elements of performance with reading and literacy. Through the WITSummer Early Childhood program, pre-kindergarten students have the opportunity to gain valuable reading skills. The program is focused around 5 popular fairytales: Goldilocks, Billy Goats, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, and Henny Penny. Learning basic phonemic awareness and comprehension skills, students will earn the Young Reader badge on the final week of program, when they learn and recite "Brown Bear, Brown Bear." This badge showcases how the student worked with their instructor, volunteers, and fellow classmates in learning basic pre-kindergarten reading skills.

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