Parent 2 Parent Magazine Storyteller
Parent 2 Parent Magazine Storyteller

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Parent 2 Parent Magazine, powered by the Office of Leadership and Learning of Chicago Public Schools is a quarterly magazine written for parents by parents. The magazine includes a wealth of information, tips and resources for the entire Chicago Public Schools parent community. In order for parents to write for this magazine, they must participate in a 10-week journalism course, where participants not only publish their work, they gain real-world journalism experience. The Storyteller badge is one of three badges required to become a P2P Freelance Writer.


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Badge Type: knowledge

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  1. [required] In order to earn this badge, participants must be enrolled in the current P2P journalism class AND have written a blog.

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What's it take to write a well-written article? Find one that's already published and write a blog about it.

Parent 2 Parent Magazine

What's it take to write a well-written article? Find one that's already published and write a blog about it.

Sorry. This activity is no longer available.

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