Spoke and Heard
Spoke and Heard

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Learners discover their comfort levels in understanding the basics of public speaking and performance. The experience exposes students to a creative journey of practicing expressing themselves through storytelling, circle keeping, movement and an open mic culminating performance.


Chicago Public Schools


Badge Type: knowledge

Expected Duration: 1 hours


  1. [required] In order to earn this badge, learners must participate in the Spoke and Heard in-person activity.

Earn by participating in:


Do you have the power to move the crowd? Show us how you rock the stage by performing a spoken word poem, haiku, rap or short story.


Do you have the power to move the crowd? Show us how you rock the stage by performing a spoken word poem, haiku, rap or short story.

  • Night Out: CWCMC Youth

    Night Out: CWCMC Youth present Motown Review at Seward. CWCMC Youth Performing Ensemble will present A Motown Review – Dancing in the Street.The Ensemble youth will sing, play instruments and dance to Motown songs and tell the story of Motown Records.

  • Spoke and Heard

    Learn how to activate your voice through storytelling, movement and an open mic! Earn this badge having a good time expressing your best self and, if you're brave, participate in the Brave Souls Open Mic performance!

  • CPS Connects: Musical Biography

    In order to earn this disposition badge, participants will practice their songwriting and self-expression skills with this challenge. Participants will write and record a song about his or her life. Songs can be up to five minutes long. Music can be instrumental only or include lyrics. Submission must Include: a song title; explanation of what the song represents if no lyrics are written (Instrumental only); lyrics to the song with a brief explanation about the song (songs with lyrics only).

  • Word Warrior

    Through your training as a Word Warrior you will have learned how to fearlessly share your thoughts, knowledge and emotions, honing your words to be as sharp as a blade. With these skills you will find yourself able to articulate your needs, wants and concerns in a manner that not only encourages people to listen but to also move them to action, remembering you and your words. Your responsibility as a Word Warrior is to use your skills for good; to speak for those who have no voice, capture the imaginations of those that had been closed and to regularly engage the public and share inspiration, education and uplift for the betterment of yourself and your community.

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