Gordon Parks - Level 1
Gordon Parks - Level 1

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The first level of this badge represents research on the history of photojournalism, documentary photography and the use of photography as a tool for social change.


Erie Neighborhood House


Badge Type: knowledge

Expected Duration: 0 weeks


  1. To demonstrate familiarity with photojournalist/documentary photographers and the use of photography and photo stories as tools for social change learners must conduct research on two photographers, write short essays summarizing their lives and work, and give a presentation on one of them to the program members.
  2. Find and analyze an inspiring photo story that deals with an issue that is important to the learner and write a short essay about why/how it is effective and how they would shoot a story on that issue.
  • Cool Curator

    In the Smithsonian Quests’ Cool Curator badge, you’ll work closely with a few objects from the museum of your choice to understand the shared relationships between objects in an exhibit. You’ll interview a fellow classmate or museum visitor to understand audience opinions and responses to the objects, and finally, you’ll create an imaginative response to one of the objects you chose. Using objects can help museums provide their visitors with insights about a specific person, place, or time-period. Complete 3 Quests to earn a Cool Curator badge

  • BNV Production Crew Certified (Video)

    In this level you will complete a series of tasks which will give you a history of BNV, as well as challenge your skills in basic video production.  Earning this badge assures the Brave New Voices staff that you are ready to apply to certified member of the BNV Production Crew.

  • Active Citizen

    The Active Citizen Badge is earned by reading about a variety of debates in all aspects of culture and completing their paired quizzes. To be an informed citizen, it is important to read multiple perspectives on issues to help figure out where you stand!

  • Animation 1

    Congratulations! Now you understand the basics of animation. You know how movement is created thru frames. This is the basics and really understanding this makes you a real ANIMATOR! Now let's more to the next level!!