Civic Researcher Badge
Civic Researcher Badge

97 learners earned this badge

Mikva Challenge develops youth to be informed, empowered, and active citizens and community leaders. The earner of this badge has demonstrated the ability to critically analyze the causes and consequences of an issue; the ability to conduct and analyze primary research through surveys, interviews, and/or focus groups; and the ability to conduct research through secondary sources.


Mikva Challenge

Badge Type: skill

Expected Duration: 6 weeks


  1. [required] Demonstrates ability to conduct research on an issue through primary research (surveys, focus groups, and interviews) and/or secondary sources. Participants ask effective questions, are able to analyze the results of their research, and can effectively communicate results of their research to external audiences.
  • Temachtianiti

    This badge is for becoming a Bilingual Summer Camp student mentor. You helped younger summer campers complete their projects and answer any questions for them. The museum team recognized your enthusiasm to help the younger students around you.

  • Young Illinois Saves: Banking

    Want to learn about free bank accounts? Want to search for accounts with saving incentives? Would you like to get your pay automatically with direct deposit? Visit the Young Illinois Saves Bank Step (Step 4) on the Plan2Achieve.org website to learn more about bank accounts that can save you money via the Bank On Chicago's One Summer Chicago Bank Database. Once you are banked, have your supervisor send us notice of your direct deposit OR take a photo with your banker, at your bank or with your bank account statement. (Be careful not to share any important account information in this image.) Send this to us via the link on Plan2Achieve.org to receive your badge.

  • New Badge

    Earn this badge by attending the workshops, while gaining Culinary Arts experience.

  • Coach

    Students will plan and lead a team building activity for their peers. Activities focus around trust and cooperation.

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