ASM Action Researcher
ASM Action Researcher

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Teens earning this badge have undergone an in-depth research experience to understand the post-secondary pathway of their choice and to identify key stakeholders and organizations that they will contact and engage. Teens will create a literature review to organize everything they have learned. They will also contact and interview at least one of the identified stakeholders. This research will inform their direct service project.


After School Matters


Badge Type: skill

Expected Duration: 4 weeks


  1. [required] Learners will demonstrate their ability to conduct an indepth review of the post-secondary topic of their choice.
  2. [required] Learners will organize information through the creation of a literature review.
  3. [required] Learners will take that information to propose a very high-level idea of what their direct service action might be.
  • Tech-Savvy Teen

    Participate in The Anti-Cruelty Society After School Program, and complete a final project using a technology-based platform such as Prezi, Power Point, or a video editing software. Earn Service Learning Credits, interact with animals, and learn how you can enact positive change in your community. This program runs every fall and spring, and meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30-7pm over the course of ten weeks.

  • Humane at Heart

    Participate in one of many Humane Education presentations taught by Specialists. These programs are offered for classes or groups at The Anti-Cruelty Society, in a school, or in community-based organizations. Go to http://bit.ly/17gOWq5 for available topics.

  • Awesome Ambassador

    Develop your public speaking skills by acting as ambassador for The Anti-Cruelty Society! Address 5 or more audiences about digital badging opportunities.

  • Temachtianiti

    This badge is for becoming a Bilingual Summer Camp student mentor. You helped younger summer campers complete their projects and answer any questions for them. The museum team recognized your enthusiasm to help the younger students around you.

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