STEM Facilitator in Action
STEM Facilitator in Action

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STEM Facilitators have shared their passion for science, technology, or engineering with Adler guests! The youth completed at least 16 hours of service over four events or programs. During this time, they worked with children, families, or adult groups, guiding guests to explore science concepts. Facilitators worked independently or in pairs and led learning conversations, asked open-ended questions, and represented the Adler in a professional manner.


Adler Planetarium


Badge Type: skill

Expected Duration: 6 months


  1. [required] Learners demonstrate the capacity to communicate across diverse audiences, differentiating their conversations for guests of different ages and backgrounds. Leaners have expertise in at least one content area and can direct guests to appropriate resources for more information. Learners stick with the program for at least four events.
  • Underwater Robotics and Ocean Research

    This badge is the result of the learning of underwater robots and ocean research to explore careers in STEM and STEAM. Throughout the course of 10 weeks, each participant will develop and design and underwater ROV by acquiring Engineering design concepts, soldering skills, understanding microchips, assembly of microelectronics, electricity skills, exploration and understanding of data analysis for research and presentation skills.

  • Intro to Green Studies

    Learn more about how to protect our environment and our home here on Earth with this introduction to green studies. Start online by listening to and learning from the experts of the Green Industry. Take this knowledge and put it to work with DIY.org by becoming a solar engineer and an expert salvager, where you can become an active part in saving environment.

  • Citizen Science Level 1

    This badge is earned by learning more about Citizen Science and its place in the world. You will test out different citizen science sites online and review them to find the one that best matches your interests and that you want to contribute to and learn from. You will learn how to generate great visual evidence (incredible photographs, detailed sketches) and how to use the global positioning system (GPS).

  • Citizen Science Level 3

    This badge is earned by completing your Citizen Science project. You will use your own observations and those from your Citizen Science community to explain, document, and answer your question and will create a multimedia presentation of your results to present at the summer CSOL fair.

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