Quickfire: Fashion Faves Mood Board
Quickfire: Fashion Faves Mood Board

8 learners earned this badge

Earners of this quickfire challenge created a mood board which not only reflects their unique and original sense of style but is also appealing and attractive in terms of design, layout, and neatness.

Badge Type: Challenge

  • Artist Statement

    No matter what direction you go with your work, you need to be able to speak about it and explain it, which is never easy. But most college applications require an “artist statement”, as do many scholarships and opportunities to exhibit. A statement should explain why you make your work, what processes it uses, what you intend to communicate, and how you look to grow.

  • Underwater Robotics and Ocean Research

    This badge is the result of the learning of underwater robots and ocean research to explore careers in STEM and STEAM. Throughout the course of 10 weeks, each participant will develop and design and underwater ROV by acquiring Engineering design concepts, soldering skills, understanding microchips, assembly of microelectronics, electricity skills, exploration and understanding of data analysis for research and presentation skills.

  • LEGO Designer

    Do you like solving problems? Do you have fun designing with LEGOs? Are you interested in Frank Lloyd Wright? Come to the Robie House to explore Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture in person and learn how to use LEGOs to make designs like Frank Lloyd Wright.

  • Design Thinking

    For this badge, students must demonstrate that they have rudimentary understanding of design thinking.

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