After completing the Grade 9-12 Best Buy Playlist and being entered into a raffle, Alex P. was named, along with Marlena S., winner of a new iPad, courtesy of Best Buy. One of the earliest active CCOL users and a veteran of Destination: Chicago events, he was eager to attend Destination: Chicago - Winter Break - and not just to collect his prize! Alex's favorite activities at CCOL Maker Parties are tech-centered. He has enjoyed tinkering with 3D printers and making electronic musical instruments. He is a big fan of online challenges and attributes his growing knowledge, particularly of app inventing, to his work on CCOL’s website.

“I like all of the diverse challenges that one can do. From ornithology to app inventing, Chicago City of Learning has it all. And everyone has access to it! I've used my app inventing and programming to help with my computer science class at school, as well as creating some apps for school projects. There's so much that I have learned that it's hard to say how all of it has affected me.” 

Alex P. with Patricia H. of Best Buy's Geek Squad Academy