The design projects Neeyah M., Naomi C. and Jimiece G. created during Hive Chicago's two-week STEAM Studio workshop won them internships at Burberry Chicago! They found out at Destination: Chicago - Summer Showcase after presenting their work in a fashion show. We caught up with all three to get their take on the experience.  

"When I first heard my named called I have to admit in my head I was jumping up and down and bouncing off the walls! I was so excited and shocked that I had gotten the opportunity to get more help, even more mentors, and more knowledge from people that are talented and in the field that I want to go in," Neeya said. "I think, presenting and pitching was one of the bigger highlights. I learned more selling techniques, styling techniques, how to organize my own brand etc; It was very eye opening for me." Read more.

Neeyahi M.

"Before this internship, I never would have imagined that some of the staff are artists and designers and musicians," 
said Naomi. "It was so nice to hear from them personally like that, and then get very important & useful advice on how to enter into the retail fashion world, and even interview tips."  Read more.

NaomiNaomi C.


“I really got to feel Christopher Bailey’s creative vision and why certain clothes had certain colors and laid a certain way on the skin," said Jimiece. "I was able to see ideas become reality through the clothing…I left feeling inspired as a young woman developing her career and passion within fashion and art!” Read more.

Jimiece G.