Computer Science is Everywhere!

From phone apps to emails to finding that needed factoid, computers are part of everyone's life today. Connecting to computer science helps youth learn how all those things work, but more than that, might provide a path for an exciting future.

With hundreds of tech-related jobs and internships available each year, computer science knowledge is more valuable now than ever, and Chicago City of Learning (CCOL) aims to connect youth and families to opportunities to develop these critical skills in a creative way.

Computer Science in Chicago

From Coding Camps, robotics clubs and maker spaces, computer Science and coding opportunities for those (4-24) are available on-line or all over Chicago! Click on the map to find programs near you or do an advanced search by clicking below.



Chicago City of Learning (CCOL) makes it easy to find innovative, accessible programs that match your child's interests. Better yet, through CCOL your child can keep track of what they've done in their on-line personal portfolio and use that information later when applying for college and jobs.

CS Organizations and Educators

If you offer Computer Science programs to youth outside of school, get on the map! By adding your programs, more youth will be able to search for and learn about your opportunities